A big advantage of finishing space within a larger existing building is to take advantage of the opportunity for additional insulation above the finished space. This greatly maximizes heating and cooling efficiency.

That means a reduced initial cost, and lower overall costs of operation

Our interior will be very energy efficient, so even though a percentage of it will not be in full-time daily use, it’s a cost savings any time heating or cooling is needed.

We’re in Georgia folks

.. not much happens without cooling during the majority of the year.

Regarding this, we’re proceeding prudently and intelligently. We need a moderately sized commercial HVAC system for the Chapel, while the Studio requires seperate mini-split system to reduce the sound level and provide low operating costs. We’re currently getting by on one household style window air conditioner, which PRAISE GOD, keeps us cool. But it’s not very friendly for the sound-levels we need in the studio. We’d like to get the AC installed in the studio as soon as we can.

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Memo: HVAC

We Really Appreciate Your Financial Support & Prayers!

Deron Tinsley

Deron Tinsley

Deron Tinsley is the Speaker/Director of Everlasting Gospel Bible School in Augusta Georgia. You can support our work by donating to paypal.me/egbibleschool!

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