In His Presence | Fall 2020 Week of Prayer

In His Presence | Fall 2020 Week of Prayer
September 28 – October 3, 2020

We’ve designated this a week of prayer to seek the Lord and His strength, and to set our lives in order. We invite you to join us for a season of prayer and fasting, if you also feel the need for guidance and a closer walk with God.

Prayer Times:
“Evening, morning and at noon will I pray…” Psalm 55:17.

The Fast:
The simple, nutritious Eden diet God gave to humanity in the beginning is the true fast. Aim to follow regular meal times with no snacking between! If you would like to refrain from specific foods please feel free to set your own personal parameters.

Step away from social media and news and, instead, choose to use that time for reading, prayer, or time with family.

Prayer Meetings:
Evenings: Monday to Friday at 7pm, join us live here at for singing, selected readings, and prayer time.
Mornings: Tuesday to Sabbath at 5am, we’ll meet to share and pray over specific requests in our Zoom meeting room (audio only). Please email, text or message for meeting ID and passcode.

“A revival need be expected only in answer to prayer…” 1SM 121


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