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Deron And Lanée Tinsley
Deron And Lanée Tinsley

Pastor Deron A. Tinsley’s Biography

Deron Tinsley is an Evangelist and Pastor of Last Advent Christian Church in North Augusta, South Carolina, Speaker & Director of Everlasting Gospel Bible School and LastAdvent.org.

Growing up in Long Island, Deron Tinsley didn’t have a great interest in spiritual things. After high-school, he was invited to a tent revival. To even his own surprise, he responded to the call to give his life to Christ. He began to read the Bible.

Shortly afterward, he trained to join an evangelistic team traveling to major US cities, and worked streets in many of the roughest parts of Los Angeles and Chicago. During this time he had many formative spiritual experiences. The soft-spoken Deron would often pray and read scripture to the men others sought to avoid.

He later attended Oakwood University, not thinking to become a pastor. God however, had a different plan. Deron left Oakwood and soon became Associate Pastor for Present Truth Ministries in Southern California.

After a number of years with Present Truth Ministries, he believed God was calling him elsewhere. Although recently married and starting a family, in 2008 the Tinsley’s packed up to step out in faith. They moved to Georgia to launch a new church.

Acting on an earlier observation, that formal religious education can be devoid of important biblical principles, Deron began to teach Evangelism with his distinctive gentle style. This led to him founding the Everlasting Gospel Bible School and a local School of the Prophets; both venues where self-motivated individuals learn and apply biblical principles to their lives. His evangelism students can often be seen surrounding him, immersed in his words.

He emphasizes that people should place their faith, not in tradition, but in the plain statements of God’s Word, which he knows firsthand has the power to change lives. He has a burden to reach all who struggle with a debt of sin, and all who have not heard God’s final message of hope and truth to the world.

He works diligently and teaches others to do the same through his mission schools and by providing educational resources and materials appreciated by thousands through egbibleschool.org.

Deron lives with his wife Lanée, three sons and two daughters in the Augusta area. He enjoys traveling and reading, and desires to live simply like a pioneer, although this, he admits, is taking some effort. As he has stated, “I did not learn about country life growing up in New York”.

He still gives Bible studies to anyone who asks.

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